Bodywork By Beth
Massage Therapy, Strength and Stretch Plans
Massage Therapy and Personalized Strength and Stretch Plans for athletes, and the every day person. 

Every person, every athlete, every body is different and requires care, attention and modification to what may be considered "the norm" that is specific to them.
Bodywork and Muscle Therapy is one of the oldest forms of health and wellbeing. 
Here are just a few of the benefits:

increased circulation

increased mental awareness

decrease of pain and inflammation

balancing of blood pressure and homeostasis (after time)

general relaxation of all the bodies systems

lowering of stress levels in the mind and  body


There are many different modalities (styles of massage) available to meet the specific needs of every person. Speaking with your therapist prior to your session will help determine what kind of Massage or Strength and Stretch plan is best for you.There are many factors that can play into what your session will include. (your health history, goals, areas of concern, etc)


Massage Therapy and Bodywork are timeless therapies that have been helping people for thousands of years. 


Goshen, IN.


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